What we do

We are an hydroponic farming company who provides highest quality local fresh produce of greens, herbs and spices to wholesalers, supermarkets and restaurants anywhere in the world with a start in Sweden. We will grow crops 365 days a year at the lowest price on the market and still keep a high quality. Our way of production has the least possible impact on the climate. We have a need for less than 85% of the water compared to traditional farming and are not affected by seasons or weather conditions. This means easier planning and less food waste along with shorter distance for delivery to end customers.


How we work

Hydroponics means that we don’t have any soil in our production, only water with nutrients. We have focused on optimization of the production space of the greenhouse in both terms of yield and construction costs. Unlike our competitors, we’ll only have human workforce in the greenhouse during technical maintenance. At all other times we’ll have robots moving the crops. To make sure that we won’t miss any issues within the greenhouse, we’ll be using a combination of automation for the water and climate plus machine learning. We will also add CO2 to the greenhouse in order to boost growth. We can kill off pests and other issues by adding nitrogen to the air or sending one or multiple robots with ionizers or ozonizers.